Trebol Soccer Club

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Sam Sours

As a young boy, soccer was my sport.  We played everything in the backyard back then - football, basketball, volleyball, and baseball - but soccer was what I did with earnest.  I was blessed to have grown up at the time when Pele was the world's star of soccer and I remember practicing my bicycle kicks over and over after seeing his genius on multiple episodes of Wide World of Sports.  The number 10 has been my "lucky" number ever since.  At 11 or 12, my father (who was a land surveyor) and I designed and laid out the construction of one of our "club's" soccer fields.  I still remember having to climb up on top of a section of dirt that was about 8' above the ground where a stake was set in order to determine how much more dirt the construction equipment needed to remove to create the pitch.  This would ultimately become my "home" field and it remains both a soccer/lacrosse field today. Sadly, at 14, I went on to other things and high school and college led to other more personal sport endeavors ... but my love of soccer remained. When my kids showed the interest in soccer at 5 we went the YMCA route.  Then there was a season at Lafayette Rec and Erie Rec before settling into the Trebol Soccer Club where I played various assistant coaching roles.  We've been a part of Trebol ever since. Gradually, I caught the bug again and joined an indoor team and an outdoor team.  
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