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Trebol Soccer Club : FC Boulder

Trebol Soccer Club : FC Boulder

    Tournament Rules of Play

Tournament Rules of Play

IFAB Laws of the Game shall apply as modified by USYSA and CSA and as described herein. 

Download the Rules Here

All matches will be played in accordance with the IFAB Laws of the Game. Rules and/or interpretations are provided by the tournament director or site director. All director decisions are final. The following items will further interpret these rules for purposes of this tournament and/or will provide an administrative framework for the operation of the tournament.

The tournament will use only US Soccer certified referees for all games - 11 v 11 games games will have a referee and two assistant
referees. The 9v9 games will use a referee only. Where only two referees are present for an 11v11 match the USSF mandated procedure will be utilized - one will be referee and the other will be the assistant referee.

The main purpose of small sided soccer & the US Soccer Federation Player Development Initiatives is to develop players' skills to be better prepared for the full 11v11 game. Likewise, these small sided games provide a perfect platform to help develop referees in preparation for the 11v11 game.  

A center referee manages the small sided games. All 9v9 games will have a center referee for group play games. The Championship game for each age group will have a crew of three referees (referee & 2 assistant referees).

The small sided game format, proposed by US Soccer, provides the best possible environment for players to develop and succeed. This environment also provides ideal circumstances for referees to develop and succeed as well.

Respect your referees and make the fields a positive environment for players, coaches, referees and everyone enjoying the games.

Duration of Games and Overtimes (no overtime in bracket play), by halves, and ball sizes are as follows:


Birth Year (Age Group)  

Game Duration  


Ball Size  


2007/2006 (13U/14U)
2x30 min half
2x5 min
5 min
2009/2008 (11U/12U)
2x25 min half
2x5 min
5 min
2005 (15U)
2x30 min half
2x5 min
5 min

*Semi's and Finals Only

Game times may be decreased to accommodate available playing fields, late starts, and weather conditions. In the event of lightning delays, games may be considered final if they have reached half time. The Tournament Director’s decision on all timing matters is final. During pool play, regardless of game start time, referees have been instructed to limit playing time, so the games finish on time. There will be no stoppage time or added time in preliminary rounds. All games will end at least 5 (five) minutes prior to the next scheduled game start time on that field.

Home Team 

The home team will be the team that appears first on the game schedule. The home team will supply the game ball, and that ball shall be subject to referee approval. The home team is also required to wear dark colored jersey; visiting team is to wear white/light colored jersey.  




The Tournament Director or a designee shall settle all disputes and the decision shall be final.


Any situations that arise not specified herein will be resolved or determined by the Site Director, with the knowledge of the Tournament Director(s). The Site Director has the authority to enforce coach, player, parent or fan eviction or removal from the tournament site at his/her discretion.

Cautions, Warnings, Send Off and Dismissal

 All USSF/USYS/CSA Laws of the Game modifications regarding misconduct apply to this tournament. In addition:

  • A player receiving two Cautions (yellow cards) in a single game is considered to have been sent off (shown the red card).  

  • A player who accumulates three (3) yellow cards over the course of tournament play will not be allowed to participate in the next scheduled tournament game.  

  • A player who has been sent off shall not be replaced.  

  • A player who has been sent off shall not return for that game and shall not be allowed to participate in, at a minimum, the next scheduled game. Dependent upon the reason for dismissal, the player may be required to sit-out additional games per USYS/CSA guidelines.

  • A coach receiving two warnings in a single game is considered to have been dismissed (shown the red card).  Any coach/spectator dismissal shall result in the loss of a point for your team in the team standings during tournament pool play.

  • Any coach/parent dismissal shall result in the loss of a point for that match.
  • A coach who has been dismissed for irresponsible behavior must exit the field and remain at least 100 yards from the field and is not allowed to provide instruction or guidance to the team during the remainder of the match.   

  • A coach who has been dismissed for irresponsible behavior shall not return for that game and shall not be allowed to participate, at a minimum, in the next scheduled game.

  • Any player receiving a red card or coach who is dismissed for irresponsible behavior who participates in the next scheduled tournament game, will cause their team to automatically forfeit that game and the game in progress will cease immediately.  

  • A player or coach who is sent off or dismissed for violent conduct or serious foul play may not be allowed to participate in the next two (2) scheduled games.

  • A coach who is dismissed for irresponsible behavior that would be considered violent conduct if committed by a player may not be allowed to participate in the next 2 (two) scheduled games.

  • Any player or coach involved in fighting or who assaults a referee will be expelled from the tournament without refund of fees.

  • Cards, Send Offs and Dismissals will follow through to USYSA/CSA sanctioned games.


  • Any player, coach, or spectator who is involved in a fight for any reason will be ejected from the tournament.

  • Any player, coach, or spectator who enters the field during a fight will be ejected from the tournament regardless of the reason for entering the field.

  • In the event more people are involved than can be clearly identified, the game will be terminated and the entire team or teams will be ejected from the tournament.

  • Any player who removes his or her jersey or does anything else so as not to be identified before, during, or after an altercation will be identified by whatever means possible, will be ejected from the tournament, and will cause their team to forfeit the game.


  • The Referee Tents will be OFF LIMITS to all coaches, players, and spectators unless accompanied by the Site Director or authorized designee.

  • Anyone entering the Referee Tent unaccompanied may be banned from his or her next scheduled game.

Suspended Games

If, in the opinion of game officials, a game must be terminated for misconduct of players, bench, coaches or spectators, the offending team or teams may be suspended from further play and may forfeit that game and all remaining games as determined by the Tournament Director or his/her designee. All previous points earned remain as played. However, the Tournament Director has the right to have points earned forfeited if he/she so chooses. Additionally, the home league and State Association will be notified as appropriate.

Inclement Weather

Teams will be expected to play their game at the scheduled time and location, regardless of weather, unless otherwise notified by the Tournament Site Director.

Regardless of weather conditions, it is the responsibility of all affected teams to monitor the status of their games (via the tournament website/Twitter) and to appear with their team ready to play as scheduled by the Tournament Director if games are recommenced. The referee, Tournament Director, or field marshal may postpone any game. Once the decision is made to cancel a game, that decision is final. Teams that continue to play may be suspended from the tournament. In all cases the Tournament Committee reserves the right to modify all tournament rules to safely and fairly end the tournament successfully. Coaches must be available to be contacted by the Tournament Staff. Teams must not leave the site until their coach or rostered representative has spoken directly with the Tournament Site Director if games are called or postponed due to inclement weather. It is your responsibility to make sure you supply a cell phone, email, and hotel number on the Tournament Policy and Rule Acknowledgement form in case we need to contact you for any reason.

Lightning Safety 

In order to provide for the safety of players and spectators, please follow these rules:

  • If the lightning warning horn is sounded, play must be stopped and the fields cleared immediately. 

  • You must seek shelter in a hard-topped car with the windows rolled up.

  • Any picnic shelters, pop-up tents or other partially open structures are NOT safe.

  • Do not return to the fields until 30 minutes after the last thunder is heard or the horn is sounded to return to the fields.


Delays of the game due to injury will result in appropriate time being added to the full game time, based on the judgment of the referees. However, all preliminaries will be terminated not less than five (5) minutes prior to the start of the next scheduled game.

Game Check-in Conduct

Prior to the start of each scheduled game, each team must check-in with the referee with player cards and an official tournament roster (with players' jersey numbers) if requested, so that the team may be checked into play and the game started as scheduled. 


With the referee’s permission, a team may substitute or re-substitute any number of players at any stoppage of play (including free kicks) - provided the substitute(s)  is (are) ready for play* - except for the following:

  • Corner kick.

  • Prior to a throw-in, by the non-throwing team, unless the throwing team is substituting player(s).

*Ready for play means that the substitute is at the halfway line and prepared to enter the field before the opportunity occurs.

Player's Equipment

Casts/orthopedic devices are permitted in competition provided that it is padded to the referee's satisfaction. It will be the referee's opinion only as to the safety of the players. The referee will ask the coach to remove the player if, in their opinion, the player is acting irresponsibly with the cast/orthopedic device.


  • All coaches have the total responsibility for the conduct of their players, substitutes, friends and spectators at all times.  

  • Coaching from the sidelines (giving direction to one's own team on points of strategy and position) is permitted, provided the following rules are followed. 

  •  No mechanical/electronic communication devices may be used, other than a time keeping device.

  •  Each coach, substitute, or player is to remain with the "coaching area" (10 yards either side of the halfway line or midfield line).

  • No coach, substitute or player is to use profanity.

  • No coach, substitute, or player is to incite in any manner, disruptive behavior of any kind.

  • No coach, substitute, or player is to make derogatory remarks or gestures to the referees, other players, or spectators.

Tournament Competition

Determining Winners

Teams will be awarded points on the following basis:

  • 11 points to the beneficiary of a forfeiture
  • 7 points for win
  • 3 points for tie
  • 0 points for loss
  • 1 point for each goal scored to a maximum of 3 goals
  • 1 point for a shut-out
  • A 0-0 tie will be scored as 4 points for each team (3 for a tie, 1 for a shut-out).

Tie Breakers   

In the event of a tie in points at the end of bracket play; the winner for advancement will be determined as follows (except in a three way tie – see note below*): 

  • The winner in head-to-head competition.
  • Fewest goals against.

  • Most goals for (maximum 3 goals per game).

  • Most total wins.

  • Most shutouts.

  • Fewest red cards.

  • Fewest yellow cards.

If a tie still exists after steps 1-7, FIFA kicks from the mark.

*In the event of a three-way tie at the end of bracket play, the winner for advancement will be determined as above without consideration of head-to-head competition to eliminate one team. Then advancement for the remaining two teams is determined as above with consideration for head-to-head competition.

Preliminary Games

A game is complete upon completion of one half of play regardless of the circumstances of termination during the second half with final results based on the score at termination. A preliminary game can end in a tie.

Semi-Finals and Finals

Semi-Finals and Final games, if tied after regulation, will play two 5 minute overtime halves or until the first goal scored. The first team to score a goal in overtime shall be the winner. If after overtime halves a tie still exists, FIFA kicks from the mark will immediately follow to determine a winner.


In the event of a three-way tie at the end of bracket play, the winner for advancement will be determined as above without consideration of head-to-head competition to eliminate one team. Then advancement for the remaining two teams is determined as above with consideration for head-to-head competition.


The tournament director, members of the tournament committee, the host soccer club, its members and board of directors will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by any team, player or spectator nor will they be held liable for any injury of any player, coach, or spectator that may result from the participation in, or travel to and from the tournament. Each team will be responsible for its own medical and liability insurance.  

The tournament director or site director reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the conduct and administration of the tournament and their judgment shall be deemed as final.


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