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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the club, providing support, strategy and initiative for the club's coaching and operational staff, as well as presiding over club-wide policy adherence and changes. Our board consists of passionate and active parents who volunteer their time, ideas and energy to being involved in a leadership role to guide the club in the appropriate direction for our community. We are always looking for additions to our board as a way to keep our ideas fresh and our focus on target.

If you are interested in joining the Trebol Board of Directors, please contact our Board President, Roy Coleman, at [email protected]. We welcome your energy and initiative!

Current Trebol Board Members
 Name Executive Role  Bio
 Roy Coleman President  Roy Coleman
 Marco Aieta Vice President  Marco Aieta
 Craig Dever Secretary  Craig Dever
 Matt Denninger Treasurer  Matt Denninger
 Jerry Wager Past President  Jerry Wager
 Larissa Caparchini Member-At-Large  Larissa Caparchini
 John Cole Member-At-Large  John Cole
 Scott Fowle Member-At-Large  Scott Fowle
 Scott Gygi Member-At-Large  Scott Gygi
 Susan Hill Member-At-Large  Susan Hill 
 Dennis Kyle Member-At-Large  Dennis Kyle
 Stephany Precourt Member-At-Large  Stephany Precourt
 Brian Shaltakoff Member-At-Large  Brian Shaltakoff
 Sam Sours Member-At-Large  Sam Sours

For a copy of the Trebol Soccer Club By-Laws, click here.

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