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Trebol U11 Teams to Remain in 11 v 11 Play

Over the last five years, Colorado Soccer Association (CSA) has been discussing the appropriate competition format for the U11 and U12 groups, trying to decide between an 11 v 11 or 8 v 8 structure. This year, CSA met with the clubs, as well as Sam Snow, Technical Director of US Youth Soccer. After hours of debate, and even though it was not unanimous, CSA and its membership came to agreement. CSA has decided to offer clubs the option to have their U11 teams play either 11 v 11 or 8 v 8.

Trebol Soccer Club and its Board of Directors have made the decision that, for the first year of this ‘optional league’, it will not play 8 v 8. Since it is a trial year for the 8 v 8 structure, Trebol has decided that it is in the players’ best interest, for themselves as players as well as their soccer development, to continue to play under the 11 v 11 format. Also, since at this stage of the new format, there is still uncertainty as to how teams will get promoted, relegated and integrated back into the 11 v 11 structure at the U12 group, we felt it best to wait one full year and let CSA work through these issues before introducing the 8 v 8 structure to our players and club.

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