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The cost of the program is determined by the number of participants and thus, the number of trainers coaching. Trebol’s trainers are paid $15/hour, and we recommend 1 trainer for a recess of  #students. Fill in your numbers below to estimate your costs.

Case Study

Pioneer Elementary
Numbers below are per soccer season.

  • # of trainers determined in meeting with principal *Pioneer requires 3 trainers
  • Hours per day determined by school lunch recess schedule *1hr 5min = 1.25 hrs = Hours/day
  • Trainer Rate = $15/hour per trainer *$45/hour trainer rate
  • Week one and week eight are PACER testing weeks *2hours = PACER total
  • Hours/day x 3 days/week x 6 week program *22.5hours = Hours total
  • Trainers are paid 15 minute set-up and 15 minute breakdown *30 minute = Set-up & breakdown
  • Preparation time = set-up & breakdown x 3 days x 6 weeks *9 hours = Total preparation time
  • Program Coordinator *$250

Total Cost/Semester =
  (Trainer Rate x PACER Total) ($45/hr x 2 hrs) $90
+(Trainer Rate x Hours Total)                       + ($45/hr x 22.5 hrs)        +$1,012.50

+(Trainer Rate x Preparation Time)         + ($45/hr x 9 hrs)             +$405

+Program Coordinator                                    +  $250                             +$250

Total Cost per School Semester                                                          = $1,757.50

Total Cost per School Year                                                                  = $3,515.00

Keep in mind that these costs do not reflect equipment purchases. 

Funding ideas:  Schools could draw from PTA Funding or solicit parent volunteers to assist the trainers, or to take on the role of trainer.

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