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Fitness Tracking

To track students increased physical fitness levels, Trebol Soccer Club utilizes aspects of the Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) Physical Education Common Assessment, including the PACER (Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run), developed by the Cooper Institute (Fitnessgram).

To track student participation and PACER information, each school provides the program coordinator with a student list organized by grade level. Students are assigned a number, and PACER pre-test and post-test results will be recorded and analyzed.

The PACER rubric scale is based on students’ age and gender and is administered by Trebol trainers prior to and following the school-based soccer programs. Trebol’s goal is to increase the number of laps students can run within a given timeframe, thereby increasing the level at which they score. Trebol anticipates an average increase of 5 laps for students participating in the Recess Program over the course of one season.

PACER testing is geared toward 4th graders. 

School Survey

Trebol constantly seeks feedback from the program’s participants; the kids, the school, the staff on the playground with the trainers, and the parents. We find a survey sent via email to be particularly helpful, as are face to face informal conversations at recess. The trainers and coordinators use this feedback to set the direction they need to take with the program.

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