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Trebol Fees, 2006 - 2007 Season


  • If your age group is U14 or below you are required to complete an application for membership and pay a minimum of 50% of the annual fee. All balances are due on or before August 1, 2005.
  • If you are U15 and up (high school age) 100% of the fee is due with your application.
  • You will need to supply a copy of a governmental birth certificate or a copy of a passport, NOT A HOSPITAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE.
  • If playing on a Competitive team, complete the US Youth Soccer - Colorado registration form, and the player is to sign a US Youth Soccer player ID card. Clip a 1"x 1" player photo (of player's face) to your card (it will be laminated to the card later).


Shortly after the tryouts and team formations you will be contacted by a Trebol representative.


  • When contacted, you will need to confirm your commitment.
  • If you don't know whether your child will play Competitive, Intermediate, or Developmental, pay initially according to the Intermediate fee schedule.
  • If you are not placed on a team, you will receive a full refund.

Annual Player Fees* for the Fall 2006 - Spring 2007 Seasons:


Competitive Player:         $420  (50%  =  $200)

Intermediate Player:        $335  (50%  =  $157.50)

Developmental Player:    $290  (50%   =  $135)

High School Age Player: $180  (100% due with registration)


You will receive a $20 discount if you pay in full with your registration.


*Fees do not include uniform @ $40, optional indoor seasons, or tournaments

All balances are due on or before August 1, 2006. A Late Pay premium of $50 is added to the annual fee amount, if the balance is not received by August 1, 2006. In addition the player pass for that member(s) will be pulled, resulting in ineligibility to play league games.




Scholarships are available on a financial need basis.


Family Discounts:


Sibling discounts: For families with more than one player within the Trebol Soccer Club, the first sibling (playing at the highest level) would pay their full fee and the second, and/or third, fourth, etc. player would pay their fee at a 25% discount.




Family �A� has two players in the Trebol Soccer Club.  One child plays competitive and the other child plays developmental.  The competitive level fee would be paid in full and the developmental fee would be paid at a 25% discount.


Family �B� has three players in the Trebol Soccer Club.  Two children play competitive and the third child plays intermediate.  One competitive level fee would be paid in full and then the other competitive level fee ALONG WITH the intermediate level fee would be paid at a 25% discount.