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Frequently Asked Questions

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Following are some frequently asked questions about Trebol Soccer.

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For most players, they begin the Tuesday after Memorial Day (late May). For high school boys, they are usually held in November.

All Information Required for Tryouts, Registration & Scholarships:  2009-2010 Trebol Registration Packet (English)

Toda la Información Necesaria para Pruebas, Inscripción y Becas:  2009-2010 Trebol Registro de Paquetes (Español)


Please see our Useful Forms page for the latest uniforms, merchandise, and ordering instructions.



Download the forms from the website:
Trebol Membership Application
Player and Spectator Code of Conduct
Financial Policy Disclosure Form
Uniform Order Form
(if necessary) Scholarship Application Form

 "An "Eligible Player" is one that has already been placed on a Trebol team by the Coaching Director or the Assistant Director. Have parents and player fill out forms and submit payment (fee is 50%). Coach keeps the first page of the Membership Application form and the code of conduct forms. The rest go to the club administrator.



Rescheduling a game usually requires concurrence of the opposing coach. After that, developmental and competitive have different approaches. Usually the home team handles the bulk of the work.

Competitive: Rule 4.4

If the field is closed due to bad weather, the home team coach shall notify the referee assignor and the opposing coach as soon as possible that the game has been postponed. Except for postponements from field closure and Permission to Travel both coaches must agree to postpone or the game will be played as scheduled. If a game is canceled with or without the knowledge of CYS and the referee assignor is not notified by the home team of the cancellation the home team shall be responsible for the payment of the referees for the game in question. A TBA game is the responsibility of the home team to schedule.


If you are the visitor team, it should be handled via the opposing coach or team manager.  If you are the home team, work with the Trebol referee assignor of the cancelled game to reschedule the game.  Be sure to let the Trebol referee assignor know BEFORE the original game was scheduled to be played.



Yes, Soccer Fields of Colorado:

Also, for local practice fields please go to:  Fields



See the Colorado Youth Soccer (CYS) web site ( and look for the Tournaments link.

You can also find out this information on our For Coaches page.



Yes, contact your coach or check on our web site.



No, but it is strongly encouraged. Trebol will reimburse you for successful completion of CYS sponsored licensing training. See CSYSA and look for the Coaching Education link (currently under Programs). Competitive coaches are highly encouraged to have a minimum of an "E" License, preferably a "D" License.

Coaches and assistant coaches are REQUIRED to submit to a background check which is done by CYS.



Trebol has a Coaching Director and an Assistant Coaching Director. The Director is primarily associated with the competitive teams and the Assistant is primarily assoiciated with the intermediate and developmental teams. Either can be reached by phone and can set up a time to work with your team. Since there are many demands for their time, it is best to try to schedule in advance. They are always willing to help and there is no fee for this service.



For information call 720-876-2237 or email [email protected].  You can also visit us during office hours Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00 - 1:00 pm, Fridays 10:00 - 2:00 pm.  The offices are located at 1196 Diamond Circle in Lafayette, south end of the building, Suite S.

** Note - For the weeks of July 7 and July 15, 2008, Trebol office hours will be 12:00-3:00pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday **