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Trebol Soccer Club - Here We Grow Again!

This past January, Trebol Soccer Club held its annual elections for the board. Jerry Wager, a longtime coach for Trebol and board member was elected president of the club. In a few short months he and the new board have had a tremendous impact!

Together they have made it priority one to expand the size of Trebol Soccer Club. For that purpose, a Growth and Retention Committee comprised of community leaders in Boulder County has been created specifically for the purpose of growing the club while, being fully dedicated to providing the best youth soccer for the families currently participating in Trebol Soccer Club. Here are a few examples of the efforts being undertaken by the committee:

Lafayette SuperKids Expo: This past Saturday, Trebol hosted a booth in Lafayette’s SuperKids Expo. The expo was great fun and we saw many Trebol families along with many potential new Trebol players. There was music, a climbing wall, demonstrations and all kids were treated to free Trebol water bottles and tattoos!

Elementary School Recess Program: Trebol is partnering with all the elementary schools in Lafayette and Angevine Middle School to provide organized soccer for kids at each school this spring. All kids interested are being invited to play soccer at recess with the instruction of Trebol’s coaches. There’s skills, drills and of lots of games. A culminating Year-End Soccer Celebration will be held on May 18-19 to recognize the kids that participated at recess.

Grass Roots Programs: Representatives from the Growth and Retention Committee will be meeting with U9-U11 team parents, coaches and team managers to talk about Trebol and let everyone know in more detail what is going on with the club. A contest is also being held for the team that gets the most new kids to join Trebol. More details to come!

Tryouts: Look for Trebol to completely revamp this year’s tryouts. We know that tryouts are a stressful time kids and parents. We are committed to making the week more family friendly feeling!

Of course, the best way to grow the club is you! There is no question that referrals are our greatest source of new players. By sharing your child’s positive experience with others, it encourages them to take a look at Trebol. If you know anyone with an interest in Trebol Soccer Club please have them contact me or our office. We love to talk to interested families about what makes Trebol so special!

Thanks for being a Trebol family!

See you soon!

Scott Scheifele
Executive Director