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What is a Trebol?

What is a Trebol?

  • A new Rap Group?
  • An animal in the jungles of South America?
  • A Shamrock?

    Actually, according to Merriam-Webster a trebol is ...

    Main Entry: trébol
    Function: masculine noun
    Language: Spanish

    1 : clover, shamrock
    2 : club (playing card)

For Trebol Soccer it is our club and our players proudly wear the Shamrock on the uniforms.

How do you pronounce Trebol? 

The tendency of many people is to pronounce Trebol as "Tree-Bowl".  But, Trebol actually rhymes with pebble ... just replace the "P" with a "Tr". 

What does Trebol mean to my Family?

We are very proud to be part of the Trebol Soccer Club.  Trebol offers quality training and competition for our children to play soccer at the highest levels.  We run one of the top soccer tournaments in the region each Fall - The Colorado Shootout.

Unlike many other soccer clubs Trebol goes beyond just an outstanding soccer experience.  We believe the soccer offers a chance to teach our children the concepts of team, friendship and community service

There is something special about being a Trebol player and being part of the Trebol Family. Our roots are in being a community-based organization. It is our goal to foster good citizenship within our players and the importance of "giving back" through volunteering. Trebol families have served Sister Carmen's Community Center, Louisville Adopt-A-Park, Lafayette Library, Lafayette Open Space Day and many other wonderful non-profit organizations and service projects.

We offer you the chance to join the premier soccer club in our area.  Please contact us at:  720-876-2237 or [email protected]

Go Trebol!