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Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 895

Lafayette, CO 80026-9328


Office Location:

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Fee Disclosure


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Trebol Soccer Club's

Fee Disclosure


Payment Information:  Trebol Soccer Club, Inc. (TSC) has four payment options:

  • Pay on-line using a Credit Card
  • Pay by Check at the Registration Night
  • Pay fees in three (3) payments
  • TSC offers full and partial scholarships on a financial need basis. Players   and parents may apply for these scholarships by filling out a Scholarship   Application and attaching the appropriate Scholarship Application Fee.

Sibling Rebate: If you have more than one player   playing for Trebol Soccer Club, you qualify for a 20% discount on additional   memberships. You must pay the highest registration fee in its entirety and 20% will be rebated against additional player registrations.  The rebate is applied by Trebol Soccer Club after all initial payments due are made to the Club.

Scholarship Contributions:  Trebol Soccer Club is a   nonprofit organization that depends on the generosity of all its families! Since   its inception, Trebol has provided scholarships for families needing financial   assistance. Please consider a donation to the scholarship fund!


Volunteer Opt Out Fee Trebol Soccer Club is a   volunteer driven organization. If your family cannot volunteer that weekend or   wishes to “opt out” of volunteering, there is an “opt out” fee of $50.00. This   fee must be paid with your other registration fees in June.


Corporate Sponsorships: Trebol Soccer Club   has a variety of unique and attractive sponsorship opportunities for businesses   and individuals looking for partnerships with a family/community-based youth   sports organization. GENERAL All fees for registration and uniforms are due with   complete registration forms at or before the registration meeting held after the   annual club tryouts and team formations. The TSC is committed to an open and   accessible tryout/assessment, team formation and registration process. Players,   coaches and/or teams who seek club membership outside this process are solely   responsible to collect, organize and submit complete registration documents and   fees to the Club Registrar for approval by the Club President before membership   may be considered.


Expenses Covered by Annual Membership   Fees:


  • Membership dues and fees to the Colorado Youth Soccer
  • Team registration fees paid to the CYS
  • Team referee fees paid to the CYS or directly to referees, depending on   level of play
  • Secondary medical insurance through the CYS
  • Soccer equipment for practice
  • Field rental fees
  • Executive Director, Coaching Director and Club Manager
  • Administrative costs of communication within the club, registration   materials, publicity for tryouts and assessments, etc.
  • $10.00 Contribution per player toward a TSC Capital Fund


Expenses Not Covered by Annual Membership Fees:


  • The basic uniform worn by all players
  • An optional second jersey (applies to developmental and intermediate)
  • Tournament entry fees and/or travel, food and lodging expenses for   tournaments
  • Indoor soccer




  • A full refund is due if a player is not placed on a team.
  • Partial refunds may be given for documented medical reasons or if a player   moves more than 50 miles away.
  • There are no refunds given for any other reason. Losing interest or changing   clubs are not valid reasons for a refund. All refund requests must be submitted   in writing with documentation to the TSC Board of Directors and will be reviewed   after the end of the season. Refunds will be issued at that time, no exceptions.



  • Partial and full scholarships are made available on a financial need basis.
  • Players and parents requesting a scholarship must fill out all of the   registration forms plus the scholarship application.
  • A scholarship application fee is required and must be attached to the   registration forms, which are submitted at the registration meeting after   tryouts/assessments.
  • The Scholarship Committee, members of the TSC Board of Directors, review the   applications shortly after registration in June and contact applicants shortly   thereafter to confirm approval or denial of applications.
  • Only the Scholarship Committee may approve or deny scholarship applications.


Player Transfers: The Club adheres to transfer   policies detailed in CYS rules 3.10 through 3.15. CYS rule 3.14, states that a   player who is registered with a club is bound to that club for one year (until   tryouts in the following year). The club will make final decisions regarding   transfer or release of any registered player.


Payment and Late or Insufficient Funds Fee Policy:


  • All fees paid to the club must be paid at the specified due date(s).
  • Payment plans and scholarships are available online and through contacting the TSC office.  Not abiding by the terms of the payment plan or scholarship may result in TSC pulling the player’s pass, resulting in ineligibility to practice and/or play.
  • Any person that writes a check, that results in insufficient funds, will be charged the sum of the check plus reprocessing fees, up to $50.
  • Non-payment or late payment may result in player passes being pulled, resulting in ineligibility to practice and/or play.



Financial Holds Players who have past due accounts over two consecutive seasons may be subject to expulsion and a hold placed with CYS. In addition they may be subject to collection costs and legal action as provided by state law.