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Trebol Soccer Club

Team Schedules



2010-2011 LEAGUE


Competitive - Schedules posted by CSYSA; season starts 8/28/10, ends 11/6/10
Option I - Schedules posted by CSYSA; season starts 8/28/10, ends 11/6/10
Flatirons Interleague - Schedules posted by City of Westminster; season starts 9/11/10, ends 11/6/10


FIELD LOCATIONS - For field locations and directions go to


Listed below are the 2010-2011 game schedules for our teams. Just click on the team's schedule link for their schedule and field location.


** Please note - any game reschedules not posted to the CSYSA web site will not be represented in these links. Check with your coach and/or team manager for any recent game schedule or location changes. **



Age Group Team Name Division Coach
U9 Boys White Interleague U09 Mahar View Schedule
U9 Girls Twisters Interleague U09 Coleman View Schedule
U9 Girls Rebels Too Interleague U09 Hogan View Schedule
U9 Girls Strikers Interleague U09 Irwin View Schedule
U10 Boys Rapids Interleague U10 Forbes View Schedule
U10 Girls Shooters Interleague U10 Anderson View Schedule
U10 Girls Freedom Interleague U10 Louth View Schedule
U10 Girls Shamrockers Interleague U10 Brady View Schedule
U10 Girls Green Interleague U10 Rivas View Schedule
U11 Boys Golden Raptors Interleague U11 Sangabriel-Rodriguez View Schedule
U11 Boys Thunder Classic Red Volz / Louth View Schedule
U11 Boys Green Challenge North Syed View Schedule
U11 Girls Rebels Classic White Hogan View Schedule
U11 Girls Green Option-1 Sanchez, Zavorotny View Schedule
U12 Boys Raptors Classic 2 Balderrama View Schedule
U12 Girls Double Trebol Challenge North Heuston View Schedule
U12 Girls White Classic 2 Harbuz View Schedule
U12 Girls Terminators Classic 3 Stern View Schedule
U12 Girls Turf Queens Interleague U12 Bowman View Schedule
U13 Boys Rebels Premier 2 Wager View Schedule
U13 Boys Green Classic 3 Hathaway View Schedule
U13 Boys Gold Challenge North Meisel View Schedule
U13 Girls White Classic 1 Marcia View Schedule
U13 Girls Green Challenge North Brown View Schedule
U13 Girls Silver Interleague U13 Packer View Schedule
U13 Girls Racing Stripes Interleague U13 Powell View Schedule
U14 Boys Trouble Interleague U14 Suarez View Schedule
U14 Boys Arsenal Premier 2 Porter View Schedule
U14 Girls White Challenge North Ludman View Schedule
U14 Girls Dynamite Interleague U14 Hulet View Schedule
U15 Girls Clovers Division 4 North Baldwin View Schedule
U16 Girls White Division 1 Marcia View Schedule
U18 Girls Trebol Makers Division 4 North Wong View Schedule
U15 Boys White     High School Season
U17 Boys Fusion     High School Season
U17 Boys Green     High School Season
U18 Boys Express     High School Season