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Team Travel Policy

The purpose of playing in travel tournaments -- those where the coach decides that the team will travel, stay, eat as a team -- is to provide teams the opportunity to compete against new and different competition, to aid in the maturing of players and teams in the world of soccer, and to provide exposure for the team and individual players to college, regional, and national levels. For the team to be mentally focused throughout the tournament, it is imperative that the players and their families understand the purpose of the trip is to play soccer.

The environment for the players should be one which encourages team unity and focus on the job at hand. During tournaments, the team should act like a team not only on the field, but also off the field. Traveling together, staying in the same hotel rooms together, meals together, and traveling to and from games together create a focused environment for the team and the tournament. With these goals in mind and based on the experience of many teams over many years, Trebol has developed some Guidelines and Recommended Procedures for team travel. To read these in their entirety, please click here. 

Grievance Policy

Trebol Soccer Club tries its best to resolve any and all complaints and concerns in a prompt and appropriate manner.  Examples might include issues with communication, behavior and education regarding Trebol policies and procedures. Trebol Soccer Club encourages an open forum for parents and players to express their concerns when presented in a manner that is appropriate and constructive. For more information about our Grievance Policy, please click here.


Fund Raising Policy

This policy provides guidance with respect to fundraising activities conducted by teams, members, representatives or groups within Trebol Soccer Club.


Any fundraising or sponsorship activity conducted by teams, members, representatives or groups of Trebol Soccer Club must be approved by the Trebol Soccer Club Executive Committee 30 days prior to the commencement of that fundraising activity.


A submission shall be made in writing by the members or representatives citing the details of the activity. The submission must include:

  • team name 

  • name/purpose/goal of the activity

  • location of event

  • time period during which the activity will occur 



All submissions shall be reviewed by the Trebol Soccer Club Executive Committee in consultation with members of the Board of Directors. Submissions must meet the Fundraising Policy Criteria listed below to gain approval.


Fundraising Policy Criteria

  • No alcohol related events

  • The use of TSC's name, shield or logo is not permitted without the expressed written consent of the Executive Committee

  • Teams will not compete directly with any charitable organization or official club sponsor

  • The fundraising project must supply a service or product

  • Dances must be supervised by a minimum ratio of 1 adult per 10 children

  • Adult must be parent/ guardian of child on team involved in the fundraising activity

  • Background checks are required for chaperones, cost to be covered by chaperones

  • Approvals for a fundraising activity may not extend beyond the time period for which the purpose for the fundraising is undertaken, to a maximum of 6 months

  • Fundraising activities for which the purpose of the fundraising is undertaken that are beyond 6 months, require renewal of the application after each 6 month period

  • The activity must be age appropriate for the participants

  • The activity must not bring the club into disrepute

  • Team officials, parents, players and members must take full responsibility for any activity and any consequences thereof

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