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Trebol holds an Amigos Celebration each spring. This fun event serves as a reward to the students from each school for their participation and good sportsmanship. Students from every school are invited to participate in a soccer tournament, where teams are formed by combining students from each school. The tournament provides a great opportunity for the student to interact with students from the other schools, and replicates the experience of a team sport tournament. Students and volunteers receive an Amigos t-shirt at the tournament.

HINT: School schedules get tight at the end of the year. Set this up at the beginning of the program to ensure securing a date, and hopefully a rain day as well. 

Case Study

Location: Angevine Middle School

Date: 3rd week of May (Wednesday, 2nd & 3rd grade) (Thursday, 4th & 5th grade)

Time: 3:30pm – 5:30pm           

It takes planning and many volunteers to make this tournament a success. Below are responsibilities laid out by party*:

Elementary School Permission slips for the event are managed by each school individually

High School Provide students to volunteer as referees (8-10 boys / 8-10 girls)

Middle School Provide and oversee table for t-shirts

Provide and oversee table for water/water coolers

Provide students to man tables

Elementary Schools Provide own transportation

20 students per grade will participate (80 per school)

Provide 1 parent volunteer for every 10 students (40 students per day)

Provide snacks

Student t-shirts are purchased by each individual school

*Program Coordinator recruits volunteers, approaches middle and high schools, and acts as the point person during organization period as well as on tournament day.

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