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Secondary Season

Secondary Season Facts

-There will be a season where a team’s roster, made up of players with the same birth year, will see some of the players start high school and the rest of the players start 8th grade. The high school players will likely play with their high school team. The 8th grade players will combine with other 8th graders at the club to form a club team. This combining of 8th graders to form a club team is called the secondary season by the Colorado Soccer Association.

-Trebol will hold a tryout for the secondary season in the Fall and in the Spring.

-Once high school players finish their high school season, they will rejoin their original birth year team for the following club season (referred to as their primary season).

-The secondary season will run on Saturdays and will be an 8 game season.

-This will be a player pass league (allowing age appropriate player movement to sustain the integrity of the league) For example, a 2003 playing in their Advanced League game in the morning may participate in the 2002 secondary league on the SAME day with a valid CSA player pass.

-This is an Advanced League and teams will be required to have: Matching uniforms (shirt, shorts, socks).

-3 Referees per game

-Scores Reported

-No Roster required

-All clubs will be asked to schedule these games in the afternoon (1-2pm or later)

-There will be 3 flights (at the discretion of the LOC for the good of the League): Gold, Silver, Bronze

-This league will run similar to a tournament and allow guest players from other clubs and/or leagues. All players must have a current CSA pass. Please note, this is not to be used as a recruiting tool and credible allegations will be reviewed for potential disciplinary action.

-Any player on a current roster for their high school team may play with their club team simultaneously ONLY with specific permission from their high school to do so. Playing with club and high school at the same time without permission will result in penalties to the high school team/player.
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