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Academy Program

The U9 and U10 age levels (birth year 2010-2009) are the transitional years when it comes to soccer. At these ages, we begin playing 7v7 on a bigger field, playing games against teams from other clubs, and training for longer periods of time. It is very important that the kids are placed in the proper soccer environment to meet their current soccer needs and ability level. With that in mind, Trebol Soccer Club has two programs for these age groups, the Pre-Academy and Youth Academy.


The Pre-Academy program is our traditional recreational soccer program. This program is designed for players and families who may have a lower commitment level, may be new to soccer, play other sports, just want to play with their friends, or may not be at the Select level according to the player assessments. Parents have the ability to request practice days and times as well as friends or a specific coach. (The club works very hard to meet these requests however we cannot guarantee that every request can be met.)

The teams at the Pre-Academy level participate in the Recreational Front Range League through Colorado Soccer Association (CSA). This league involves travel, but more locally to locations such as Westminster, Boulder, Longmont, etc. The teams in our Pre-Academy program are coached by a dedicated group of volunteer coaches who will have access to the club's professional age appropriate curriculum.

Teams may join this program that wish to stay intact from other recreational programs.

Age Group: U9 & U10 (2010-2009)
Roster Size: 10-12
Practices: Two practices a week, 75 minutes in length. One with volunteer coach, one with professional Trebol staff coach.
Game Day: Saturday
Game Structure: 7v7 (25 minute halves)
Coaches: Parent volunteers
Yearly Fee: $195

Opportunity to participate in technical and coaches training

Youth Academy

The Youth Academy program is designed for kids who have displayed the ability and or desire to play at a higher level through an assessment process. The program requires a higher commitment level from both the parents and the player. Through an assessment process, we will invite players to join the age group (separate pool for U9 and U10). Technical Directors will divide the players into training group pools and teams. The training pools will train 2 nights a week. In addition, there will be eight weeks of professional training for each team during the season to assist the head coach. The Youth Academy teams play in the Intermediate Front Range League through Colorado Soccer Association (CSA). This involves travel within Metro Denver and possibly further.

There are additional costs at this level because of the additional training time with professional trainers.

Age Group: U9 & U10 (2010-2009)
Roster Size: 10-13
Practices: Two to three practices a week, 75 minutes in length (either Monday/Wednesday with additional Fridays or Tuesday/Thursday with additional Fridays)
Game Day: Saturday
Game Structure: 7v7 (25 minute halves)
Coaches: Professional coach (minimum USSF E License) and Technical Director
Pre-season camp: Fall and spring
Tournament: Entry into 1 in-state tournament
Yearly Fee: $690


The Academy program is for the U11-U12 age groups (birth year 2008-2007). At these age levels, teams play 9v9, players can expect to train more each week, and possibly have to travel further around the state to play games. These teams are often considered “competitive” and play in the Centennial or Champions League through Colorado Soccer Association (CSA).

Teams within this age level still train together under the “pool” system and movement between teams still takes place but not to the same degree as in the Youth Academy.

There are additional costs at this level because of the additional training time with professional trainers, as well as the inclusion of additional services, training opportunities, and tournament costs.

Age Group: U11 & U12 (2008-2007)
Roster Size: 12-15

Practices: Two team practices a week with licensed coach plus weekly technical training with staff coach, 90 minutes in length
Game Day: Saturday
Game Structure: 9v9 (30 minute halves)
Coaches: Professional coach (minimum USSF E License) and Technical Director
Pre-season Camp: Fall and spring
Winter Camp: 6 week program
Tournament: Entry into Colorado Shootout Tournament

Advantages of the Academy Program (US Youth Soccer – Player Development)

Player development at theses ages is very fluid due to different rates of physical and technical maturation and game awareness. Therefore, a rigid team system is less appropriate for players in these age groups. By mixing players outside their regular teams, we allow for all the positive developmental aspects that come from stepping beyond their comfort zone. By the U11 and U12 age groups, we often have a number of players that have trained in the select program for 2 or 3 years while we have others players brand new to the experience. Pool training allows us to provide relevant learning in a competitive environment for all players.

Pool training provides a competitive cauldron across teams, giving players a chance to learn from and measure themselves against the best talent of their own age.

Pool training allows us to build the future of the club as we seek to increase the skills and technique of all players within an age group rather than focusing on only training a few or focusing on training everyone the same.

Isolationism amongst our youngest teams can be detrimental to young players’ development and can lead to problems at later age groups when team formation requires a higher number of players on the roster.

Pool training is NOT a lowest common denominator approach. We firmly believe it is placing the best players together to train, compete, and push each other. But the most effective U9 player may not be the best U12 player in three years’ time, so our training environment must encourage every player to develop at their own pace.

Players are placed in an environment that allows them to develop an awareness of the “club culture” among peers with whom they may compete in the future. In training it is less about the team and more about the club.

The coaching staff is afforded regular evaluation opportunities across a given age group.

Up until U13, teams within the Academy Program play on modified fields in a 7v7 or 9v9 format, where tactics and team play should be a secondary consideration to the development of individuals in 1v1 and small-group settings. The pool training system enhances individual and small group development.

Pool training does not mean that we don’t want our players to win, but that we are not prepared to sacrifice their long-term development for short-term success.

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