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Team Manager



So now that you have volunteered to act as a Team Manager you are probably wondering what exactly you have committed to do for the team. You are the primary regular contact for your team members with the Trebol Soccer Club.


The Team Manager is the primary administrative role in the functioning of the Team.  In performing their duties, the Team Manager allows the coach(es) to focus on coaching the team. As a result, the Team Manager acts as the primary point of contact between coach(es), members of the team, parents and the Trebol Soccer Club. Some of the activities included are optional or many can be carried out by the Team Manager.  By engaging other parents to assist you with the effort required to administer the team you: a) distribute your work load and b) encourage more participation of the parents.


Team Managers have a number of specific duties during the soccer season which they are expected to fulfill.  Some of these duties and the level of detail vary by:


  • Player age (older players and their families may not be interested in certain activities)
  • Level of Competition (Developmental Team requirements vary from Competitive)



It is strongly encouraged that the Team Manager discuss these options with the coach(es) and seek out the help of other parents.  By doing so you can reduce your workload throughout the season by involve other parents in fulfilling these duties.  You should remember that you still provide leadership for that team organization.


In the broadest sense, a Team’s organization might have the following roles, divided among the parents and carried out by those parents:


  • Registration Coordinator (Team Manager backup)
  • Team Building Coordinator
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Logistics  and Game Day Coordinator
  • Tournament Coordinator



It is important that the Team Manager and Coach work as a team and agree among themselves the scope of each other’s duties. At the beginning of each season, meet with the coach and determine what kind of assistance the coach needs and wants during the season. Following that discussion, organize a team meeting with the coach(es), parents and players. Items to be discussed include:


  • Tournaments to be played;
  • How to communicate a game and/or practice cancellation
  • Weekly information to be gathered related to attendance at games or practices; and
  • Coach’s expectations of the players and parents.


At a minimum you must be sure that the team is registered to play and that effective communication takes place with the parents and players.


Please review the: Team Manager's Handbook