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Follow Trebol Soccer on Facebook and Twitter
1) Click the Twitter button 1) Click the Twitter button    
2) Create Account 2) Click Follow    
3) Enable Mobile 3) Enable Mobile    
4) Setup TSC Mobile 4) Setup TSC Mobile    



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Click the Twitter Button


The Trebol Soccer Club website has a button labeled: "Follow Trebol on Twitter" located on the right hand side of the main page.  Clicking that button will take you to the Trebol Soccer Club's Twitter content.  In the case of a new or existing user of Twitter you can link yourself to TSC using that link.


Click Follow


Whether you have an account with Twitter or not you can "follow" Trebol Soccer by clicking the follow button in the upper right hand of the Twitter page.


Creating a Twitter Account


Creating an account with Twitter requires minimal information.  Once you have moved to Twitter, on the left hand navigation of the Trebol Soccer Club Twitter page is: "Stay in Touch with Trebol Soccer Club.  Join Twitter Today".


All you will need to provide is your name, an e-mail address and pick a password.  The system may ask you also to define a user name.  Twitter will help you with ideas about your username. Twitter will send a confirmation e-mail to the address you provide.  You will need to click the links in that message to finalize your account.


Once you complete the user registration you can then select to follow Trebol Soccer Club. You can do that by searching for "Trebol Soccer Club".  Once the search is complete click "Follow". 


Setup Mobile notifications


Mobile notifications will allow you to receive instant updates as to field statuses. 


To setup mobile on Twitter you will need to log into your account.  Once logged in, confirm you are following Trebol Soccer Club.  In the upper right section of the Twitter page is the outline of a person with a drop down arrow.  If you select that drop down highlight and select "Settings".  


The settings page will appear.  One left hand navigation is "Mobile".  Enter you mobile phone information. 


Be sure to click the radio button next to "Tweets from people you have enabled for mobile notifications".  That will enable you mobile account information.  BE SURE AND CLICK THE "SAVE CHANGES" BUTTON AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.


Setup TSC to send you mobile notifications


Navigate to your Twitter home (there is a Home button at the top left of the Twitter pages).  Once you are at your Twitter home page select "Following".  That will access all the Twitter members you are following.  Click on the highlighhted text "Trebol Soccer Club".  A pop-up window will appear.  In that pop-up is the same figure of a person.  Select the drop down button on the person outline.  In the drop down list is: "Turn on mobile notifications".  


CONGRATULATIONS!  You will now received mobile notifications from Trebol Soccer Club!